Unofficial Telegram Knowledge base

Helps answer questions on how to do it in Telegram

Automatic Media Download Settings. Decide when Telegram downloads media – based on connection, media format, chat type and file size. This setting helps you save data – to help save disk space, try adjusting your Storage Usage settings.
Admin Tools. Set individual rights and custom titles for admins in group chats to give everyone their own role and responsibilities. You can also allow your admins to post anonymously, using the name and profile picture of the group.
Media Editor: Quality Slider. Change the resolution and size of a video before sending it to save mobile data or make it easier to download. You can also send photos and videos uncompressed, at their full quality and size.
Verified Chats. Public figures and organizations can verify their public channel, group or bot so that users can be sure the chat is official. Verified chats appear with a blue badge both in the chat list and on their profiles. Official messages from Telegram, such as service notifications and login codes onlycome from our verified […]
Format Text in Captions. Add emphasis, links and more not only in messages, but also in captions for photos and videos. Text you type in the message bar instantly converts to a caption when you attach media – and keeps its formatting.
Scale Font Size. Change the size of message text to see your chats with perfect 20/20 vision. On iOS, users can sync all text to their System setting, or set individual font sizes for chats and menus.
Download / Upload Progress. Keep track of media and files as you upload or download them.
Audio Player. Share music and audio files, each up to 2 GB in size. Sending multiple tracks in one message will create a playlist – tapping one song will add them all to your queue. The player bar shows what’s playing and lets you quickly pause and resume from anywhere in the app. Tap the player […]
Secret Chats. Create additional one-on-one chats with your contacts that use end-to-end encryption and are not stored in or synced with the cloud – only locally on the two participating devices. Secret Chats are device and session-specific, meaning they don’t appear on a user’s other devices, and will be cancelled if one of the participants logs […]
Mute shortcuts. Select a chat on Android or swipe on iOS to quickly enable or disable notifications. Chats can also be muted from their profile, and have multiple temporary mute options. In Chat Settings, Android users can also set a specific action for swiping in the chat list, which includes muting chats.