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Sticker Editor. You can turn photos on your device into custom stickers with text, drawings, emoji and more. To start, tap ➕ in the sticker panel and select a photo. The editor also lets you instantly remove the background in one tap or add an outline for that classic sticker look.
💼 Chatbots for Business. Businesses can connect a Telegram bot to their account that will process and answer messages on their behalf. You can control which chats the bot is able to access – like excluding chats with your contacts or only responding to new chats. Developers can enable Business Mode in @BotFather to integrate their […]
💼 Links to Chat. Business users can create unique links that instantly open a chat with the business and suggest a message in the input field. These links are in format, so you can use them in chats or anywhere else – like a button on your website or a QR code on a menu.
💼 Start Page. Telegram Business lets you customize the start page for empty chats – adding your own text and a unique sticker.
💼 Folder Tags. Business users can add colored labels to chats based on the chat folders they belong to. Chats can have multiple tags – which dynamically update based on the folder you're viewing them from. For example, an unread work chat would appear with Unread and Work tags in your All Chats folder, but only […]
💼 Quick Replies. With Telegram Business, you can create preset responses to send one or more messages with a simple command in any chat. Typing a / in the message bar shows a scrollable panel with all of your quick replies – that you can send or edit in one tap.
💼 Away Messages. Telegram Business users can set an away message to automatically reply when they are closed or on vacation. Both greeting and away messages support text formatting, files and all media types – and can contain multiple messages.
💼 Greeting Messages. Businesses can write a greeting that is instantly sent to users that contact them for the first time – or who send a new message after a period of inactivity. You can set your greeting to only be used for specific chats and chat categories, or to exclude certain chats.
💼 Location and Business Hours. Telegram users can convert their profile to a business page – adding the location and business hours of their company. To add business info to your profile or create automated greetings, away messages and quick replies – go to Settings > Telegram Business.
Telegram Business lets users convert their profile to a business page and unlock extra features like: 💼 Location and Business Hours 💼 Greeting Messages 💼 Away Messages 💼 Quick Replies 💼 Folder Tags Telegram Premium subscribers are currently able to access all Business features for free. To see the full list of features, go to […]