Unofficial Telegram Knowledge base

Helps answer questions on how to do it in Telegram

Switch Profile Pictures. Quickly change back to a previous profile picture or video by tapping ‘Set as Main’ from your profile page.
Announce Messages with Siri. iOS users can set Siri to read incoming messages aloud in their bluetooth headphones. (Watch this video with sound on 🔉)
Media Editor: Crop / Rotate Video. Resize, rotate or flip videos before sending them.
Media Editor: Text. Add a description or make custom memes using multiple text styles.
Swipe Left to Reply. Respond directly to an individual message by replying. Replies are threaded, so you can keep conversations organized – tap to highlight and scroll to the original message. In group chats, replies send a mention notification that the user will see even if they have the chat muted.
SD Card Storage. Go to Settings > Data and Storage > Storage Path on Android to start saving your Telegram media and files to your SD Card. Storage Usage Settings let you free up space on your device – without deleting any messages or media.
Private Channels for Storage. Every Telegram user has unlimited cloud storage, and you can use themed private channels to store all your media and files.
Reminders. You can schedule messages in your Saved Messages chat to remind yourself about future errands and events.
Tap to Preview Stickers. You never have to ask someone where they found their stickers – just tap a sticker in any chat to add the pack to your library.
Change Your Phone Number. Seamlessly update the phone number linked to your account from the Settings page in any app. Keeping your number up to date ensures that you can always receive SMS login codes when you need to access your account.